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What is the definition and condition for using a non owners auto insurance?Thames

Thank you for asking Thames. Non-owners auto insurance is basically additional coverage that will give you liability coverage for you when you are found at fault for an accident and don’t own a vehicle personally.

Getting an non-owners auto insurance is subject to limited coverage with the exclusions and definition in that insurance policy. Those are typically standard to the coverage you have. For instance, in order to get a non owner insurance policy you would only be required to buy bodily injury and property damage coverage.


I usually rent a vehicle, what kind of auto insurance do I need for a rental car?Malen

Thank you for asking Malen.

If you usually rent a vehicle, a non owner’s car insurance policy could be a better fit  for you than additional insurance coverage usually sold at the car rental counters. Comprehensive and collision coverage however are not usually available or included for non-owners policies. It would seem that you still need to obtain this from the rental agency.

Rental Car Insurance – Your non-owners car insurance will cover you when you rent a car and got involved in an accident while operating that motor vehicle. It will provide liability coverage protection.

If you operate your friend’s car (borrowed vehicle) and damaged it, the car owner’s insurance takes precedence over your non-owners coverage. However, your policy would be activated when the car owner’s liability limits are exhausted.

I suggest you take advantage of our online rate quote form at the top of this page. You will be shown a list of non owner, rental and borrowed car insurance companies to choose from. It’s fast and very easy to do. So try it today. Goodluck!


Me and my husband are not going to have a vehicle for a month or so, I just want to know if we need to get a non owners auto insurance coverage? Is it possible to be on high risk if we do not have an insurance for a month?  We will just need to have this car insurance short termIsabel

Thank you for asking Isabel.

If you don’t have insurance because you do not own a vehicle, does not make you a ‘high risk.’ Those individuals that constitute ‘high risk’ are individuals like teenagers, a bad driving history, and a bad credit score to most insurance companies. Some companies use credit to help determine risk of the certain individual.

Temporary Non Owner Auto Insurance

According to their statistics, those individuals with good credit history are better drivers and less likely to be involved in accidents than those motorist with bad credit record.

Now, it would be best if you and your husband obtain a non owner car insurance policy if either of you will be operating someone else’s motor vehicle. This non owner policy will secure coverage for liability, uninsured motorist coverages and medical payments for an individual will be driving a vehicle owned by somebody else and who does not own a car.

In addition to that, you may want to check if you can add a car to that insurance policy in the future and turn it from a ‘non-owner’ insurance policy to an “owner’s” car insurance policy. In that case, you don’t have to cancel this policy and have to start up a brand new coverage.



I’m planning to get a non-owners auto insurance policy. I’m living with my roommate who has a car and she said I can use it. Is it possible to get a non owners policy so I can borrow her car when I need to?Michelle

Thank you for asking Michelle

Typically a non-owner car insurance policy includes medical payments, liability and uninsured driver. Most car insurance companies offer this insurance policy to individuals who operates vehicles occasionally or borrow a car but does have their own vehicle. The keyword is “occasionally.”

Since the car is in your household, insurance providers may think that you have more access to operate this motor vehicle than for an “occasional” use.

Because of this, it is more likely that you may not be able to obtain the “non owner” policy. The vehicle owner may have to take out a policy for this car and include you on her policy as an “eligible or additional driver.

You may verify with the car insurance company where the car is insured in to know more information. I also would recommend you get multiple free no obligation rate quotes using our form above.

The rate quotes are pretty cheap for non owner auto insurance or for a borrowed car like you want to do.  Try it today and see for yourself.



My daughter has a non-owners sr-22 auto insurance policy so she can drive my vehicle to work and back. She is thinking about getting a motorcycle. Will she still be able to drive my vehicle on that same insurance if she changes her insurance, and puts it on a motorcycle? We live in Babylon, NYDaniel, Babylon, NY

A motorcycle is technically different from a car, because a motorcycle has two wheels not four..duh. She can also add what is known as a  ‘Miscellaneous Vehicle Type’ endorsement to her current policy. This endorsement will permit him to cover her motorcycle on her current non-owners sr22 policy.

If she is unable to do this, she might want to consider buying a policy that would be separate from a standard and more traditional SR-22 non-owner insurance and keep her sr22 policy in force.

She may check different car insurance website to make comparison shop. This is a great way to get a cheaper non owners auto insurance rate.


Can a person have medical coverage on themselves in case of an accident while in someone else’s car that does not have insurance coverage? What is that car insurance policy referred to in insurance terms? I live in PA Arnold, Philadelphia, PA

There is a type of auto insurance that is called a non-owners policy that one may buy to cover themselves if they do not own a car in which to place insurance on. Persons typically buy a non-owners policy to cover themselves for the items they may be liable for (hurting someone else or something else).

So through medical payments, you could have medical coverage through a non-owners policy in Pennsylvania. MedPay, as it is referred to, covers medical expenses to individuals when injured in case of an accident. It is also possible that there may be coverage if as a pedestrian a car injures you. Coverage is limited to the conditions and terms contained in the insurance policy by the insurance carriers.

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Is there some type of auto insurance in Tennessee where the driver is the only one insured, but not the vehicle? If so, then what is it called? Is this referred to as non owner auto insurance?Bridget, Clarksville, TN

If you do not own a car there is a car insurance policy that a driver can obtain to drive other people’s cars. This insurance policy is called a non owner auto insurance policy. Normally it is written when an individual needs coverage for his or her personal use of a car not owned by him or a family member.

If you own a car then that vehicle would need to be added to the policy, because that is how insurance companies calculate their premiums. The car itself, including what type of automobile it is, the available safety features like side impact air bags etc. can make a difference in your rates.

Since insurance carrier’s guidelines and underwriting criteria can vary, you will need to check what the qualifications are for getting a non-owners car insurance policy from the insurance company in TN that offers you this type of car insurance.

I would expect the criteria required would at the very least include the fact of not owning a vehicle and the driver having a valid driver’s license.


I am from Ireland and I will be living in Hawaii and I would like to know if a non-US resident can get non owner auto insurance in Hawaii or do I need a drivers license in Hawaii? Paul, Ewa, HI

Whether you are getting a non owner car insurance policy or a regular personal car insurance policy in Hawaii most all insurance companies will require you to have a US drivers license. You may be able to begin a vehicle insurance policy with a foreign driver’s license but most insurance carriers will require you to obtain a US license within thirty days or cancel your auto insurance policy.

If you are visiting the state of Hawaii and want to buy a non owners auto insurance policy you may be able to shop around and find a specialty car insurance carrier.

If you want this type of car insurance policy to rent a vehicle it may be easier to buy it from a local rental car company. Or if you want a non-owner’s policy to cover you on a friend’s car you will be borrowing, you may instead want to check if your friend’s auto insurance will cover you while you are driving their vehicle.

If you are staying in the Hawaii and not just visiting then contact the HI Department of Motor vehicles to check if it is possible for you to get a state driver’s license to make it easier to insure a car and purchase one if you so desire.


I was caught driving without a drivers license. After paying the fines, they said I need to have SR-22 insurance though I have never had a driver’s license. Is this true? I live in California, and I need something cheap, real cheap Rob, Fontana, CA

Some states, like California, have a driving record of a person without a license so it is possible that a state may require SR22 insurance even without a driver’s license.

It seems that your state penalizes someone for driving without a license, and insurance as well, by requiring the person to get an SR-22. You may need to have this if you want to get a license at this point or may be required if you want to apply in the near future.

California SR22 insurance serves as a proof of financial responsibility to your state DMV. You may want to check with your local DMV why you should acquire an SR-22 insurance even without a driver’s license.


I am looking at buying insurance coverage for my new car. But I would also like to have insurance coverage when I need to drive other vehicles during emergencies. Is it possible to have them both under one insurance policy, or do I have to get a separate one? Do you offer non owner auto insurance in Wisconsin?Jimmy, Madison, WI

Every state in America has its own insurance guidelines and rules, and Wisconsin is not an exception. But for this case, auto insurance coverage usually follows the vehicle, not the driver. For your own protection and peace of mind, you might want to ask from whoever owns the car you will drive in an emergency if his or her vehicle has auto insurance coverage.

If the car you borrowed or had to drive because of an emergency indeed has insurance, then that will cover the expenses if an unfortunate incident occurs while you were driving. If this does not exist, though, then you need to inquire from your agent about the availability of non-owner insurance coverage.

For people who don’t own cars, non-owner car insurance can grant liability coverage. The policy may also include coverage such as personal injury protection, uninsured motorist insurance, and medical payments.

Drivers who rent or borrow cars from friends or family  will also need this kind of coverage. The best thing to do is to ask and shop around. It would be smart to talk to a car insurance agent who represents various auto insurance providers as this will definitely save you time instead of inquiring from each and every company individually.

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